February – Pieris


Pieris are compact evergreen shrubs with leathery, dark green leaves, often brightly coloured when young, and small urn-shaped lily-of–the–valley flowers borne in panicles in spring. This genus is another group of plants that are a must for acid soils, they make great plants for patio planting especially if you live in areas where the soil is calcareous.

‘Little Heath’ is a superb compact, rounded evergreen shrub with small, variegated leaves, coppery-red when young. Flowers few or none.

Mountain Fire is a bushy medium-sized evergreen shrub with fiery red young leaves, turning coppery-green and finally dark green; flowers creamy-white, in branched panicles in mid spring.

Katsura A new Pieris from Japan, Katsura boasts large glossy evergreen leaves with eye-catching wine red new growth changing to deep green with age. Lovely rose-coloured flowers cascade over the foliage in the spring

Pink Passion after the introduction of Passion this stunning new form is going to be a knockout. Cerise flowers are unusual in the Pieris world, especially when they are held high above the glossy evergreen foliage all spring; Pink Passion is covered in deep pink/cerise flowers.

Carnaval is a beautiful and colourful variety. This evergreen gem shows narrowly lance-shaped, evergreen leaves that are dark green in the middle and creamy white along the margins. New foliage is vivid red or purple-pink. This colour remains for a few weeks before it matures to variegated.