A prodigious group of summer flowering plants that have received a shot in the arm in recent years with the introduction of some wonderful new varieties.

Cotton Candy and Blueberry Cheesecake belong to the Flair & Flavours® hydrangeas group. The hydrangeas in this group are especially selected for hardiness; so a harsh winter is no problem! The sweet coloured flowers will attract the attention. All Flair & Flavours® hydrangeas have the unique quality that they flower every year the whole summer on the new and the existing branches. Therefore they definitely are so called reblooming hydrangeas. So there are no difficult pruning instructions.

Cotton Candy is a beautiful very hardy hydrangea. The many mid pink coloured flowers will flower the whole summer from June till October, a jewel for your garden. The colour of the flower is as mid pink as a real cotton candy, with a beautiful green yellow heart.

Blueberry Cheesecake What a great name for a plant! is a beautiful very hardy hydrangea. The purple blue flowers have the colour of blueberries with a pale yellow green centre; they will flower the whole summer, from June till October.

Green Shadow A dense, domed compact shrub that originates from Japan. The large green flower heads ripen to red starting from the outer edge of the petals, which gives the plant a unique colouring.

Fripon An unusual frilly deep blue flower that is a compact grower

Red Beauty A large mophead flower that ranges from hot pink to a stunning deep red depending on soil type. It has huge 6”to 10″ blooms creating real drama and wow factor in the border.

Clarissa a beautiful clear white mophead