The stalwart of the summer garden, symbolic of love and beauty, with its beautiful array of colours, and stunning array of scents.

Roses are easy to grow but they will benefit from a regular supply of TLC.

A few tips to get the best from your roses:

Planting: Plenty of well-rotted farm yard manure in the base cover with an 1” of soil to protect the young roots from burning. A spoonful of Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi into the base will increase the root development of the plant and help to utilise fertiliser more efficiently. Spread the roots over the Fungi and back fill.

Feeding: Essential if you are to get the best from your plants, roses are hungry feeders. An early season dressing of Blood, Fish and Bone will get your plants off to the best start possible. As soon as the flower buds start to develop a weekly feed of high potash (tomato food is ideal) continue using  this throughout the season.

Disease Control: Blackspot and mildew are major diseases of roses which can ruin your display. Using a systematic fungal and pest spray like Rose Clear on a regular basis will keep your plants in the rudest of health.

There are too many to list, here are a couple of our best sellers.

Gertrude Jekyll : A David Austin rose, rich glowing deep pink flowers with a wonderful scent of old rose that last the whole summer. Displayed at our centre as a climber in a barrel.

Golden Celebration : Another rose from David Austin. Subtle deep buttery yellow colour with a great fragrance of citrus.  Displayed at our centre as a climber in a barrel.

Summer Song: A David Austin rose, an unusual burnt orange colour with a strong fruity scent, Displayed at our centre as a climber in a barrel.

Burgundy Ice a rare colour combination of dark plum and light purple this floribunda rose has a rich fragrance

Mum in a Million A favourite gift rose for the obvious reason medium pink colour HT type rose with a great fragrance.

Your Beautiful New RNRS gold medal winner, floribunda rose with adorable shade of pink with a knockout fragrance.

Rhapsody in Blue this classic shrub rose has purple to shades of blue colour with a great fragrance.