With the great tide of planting Japanese gardens in the early 1990 now a distant memory these amazing plants have now faded somewhat in our list of plants to add to the garden. This would be a mistake; we do not need to go for the full Japanese look, but a shady spot can come alive with one of these beauties

Garnet is a medium-sized semi weeping deciduous shrub. Leaves deeply dissected lobes, deep brownish-red throughout summer, slightly brighter in autumn.

Katsura is a deciduous shrub of erect growth with 5- to 7-lobed leaves, yellowish-orange margined with pink in spring, becoming green in summer and turning bright orange in autumn.

Sango-kaku is a large deciduous shrub, with coral-red young branches which add great winter colour, bearing 5-lobed leaves which open pinkish-yellow, becoming green in summer and yellow in autumn.

Skeeter’s Broom is a compact, upright, multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub with deeply divided, palmately lobed foliage that is red in spring and red-maroon in summer and ruby red in autumn.

Tamukeyama an incredibly artistic accent plant for the garden, featuring lacy dissected foliage that emerges a beautiful crimson-red and fades to a purple-green in summer, turning stunning fiery shades in the autumn; best planted in a sheltered location.