West Country Lupins

This magnificent group of herbaceous perennials have come to prominence in the last couple of years; they have some amazing colour combinations and bring some wonderful options for the herbaceous border. They are very hardy and produce great stands of colour at the back of the border for a prolonged period of the summer.

Here are just a small selection of the great varieties that we have at the nursery, we currently have 20 varieties.

Magic Lantern: A lovely dark purple bell with claret and yellow standards. Early to mid season.

Manhattan Lights:  Bicolour of purple bells and yellow standards. Mid season

Masterpiece: Rich purple lupin with orange fleck in standards is magnificent, very popular with growers showing at Chelsea Flower Show.

Tequila Flame: Red and yellow bicolour. A good focal plant. Late season

Towering Inferno: Flaming rich orange red bells, yellow flecked standard. Early season.



This is a fantastic genus of plants that give a real “wow” factor in the border. Here at Glyndwr we have some twenty two varieties, below are just some of our newer varieties for 2014. It is well worth checking our Pyramid on the nursery in season which has a selection of Heuchera and companion plants a real eye catcher.

Coco  This wonderful, dark chocolate foliaged cutie is a magnificent miniature of Heuchera ‘Obsidian’, with very distinctive pink flowers. Fantastic in pots.

Berry Smoothie Bold rounded leaves of metallic rose-pink

Cajun Fire Burning like a Cajun fire, these plants change colour with the seasons: red in spring, black in summer, and maroon in autumn. White flowers on dark stems.

Delta Dawn  Has large, round leaves with red centres in the spring and autumn; The gorgeous gold to lime main leaf colour highlights the venation. Strong, vigorous habit. Perfect for a shade.

Shanghai   Tight mounds of metallic silvery-purple leaves, white flowers on dark stems. ‘Shanghai’ had the best foliage throughout very bad winters

Havanna High contrasting, showy dense wands of cerise pink flowers above yellow-lime leaves veiled in white. ‘Havana’ has a compact form which prefers shade.

Green Spice Its dark grey-edged silver leaves with red venation are smoother and brighter, bigger, and better, than Beauty Colour. Exceptional autumn colour,

Ginger Peach Similar to ‘Marmalade’ with rose rather than orange tones with wonderful ruffled leaves and a bigger habit. A great low maintenance plant.

Gotham Is a compact plant with obsidian-black leaves. It fills a pot quickly and flowers all year round its primrose yellow flowers that stand out against the black leaves.

Fire Alarm This is a real wow factor plant with its vigorous, thick, leathery red, red leaves which pile up into a delightful mound of “Look at Me!” colour

Blackberry Jam Has purple and silver leaves veined with black and grows up to 16 inches tall and 20 inches wide. While it flowers in early summer, it is grown primarily for its dramatic foliage.